Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jellies Experience

I have a big crush on jellyfish after visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium's - Jellies Experience. I could easily sit and watch them for a good while. I never knew there were so many varieties. I saw some dressed in polka dots and others in neon while others were cute cupcake shapes of pink and baby blue. It's amazing to know that such beautifully unique creatures do exist.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Somewhere only we know

Oh Keane. How we have waited. It was 2006 and we had tickets in hand ready to see Keane perform at the Greek theater in Berkeley. Then word came that their whole US tour had been cancelled due to the singer going into rehab. Boo to that.

So to us Keane came to be known as the concert we never saw. We always felt like we had missed out on something. Like not going to prom (although I did go to prom).

Fast forward to this week. Keane. In town. At the Warfield. Me and He. There.

So so good.

First the Warfield is such a beautiful place, the outside not so beautiful, but once inside you wish the walls could talk. So many musicians have played there before.

So then THEY are there and the piano begins and it's here, the moment is here and it makes me smile because everything sounds just right.

They played new stuff from their latest album, Strangeland, which has grown on me (Disconnected). All of my favorites however are from their Hopes and Dreams album (Bedshaped, Somewhere Only We Know, Everybody's Changing).
Songs I had belted alone in my car were now being belted out by the entire audience, along with Keane, and all was right with the world.

In closing, go see a concert. Go see live music. Get your body moving. Get your voice singing. Feel at one with hundreds of people. It'll make you feel alive and who doesn't want to feel alive.

Number 33 of 40 by 40 checked off the list. Thank you Keane! It was such a good show. I adore your voice, I loved the piano and you all kinda rock.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Mexico and Me

Over the Christmas holiday, while we were in Texas, we ventured 45 minutes to visit the town of Old Mesilla, New Mexico. We drove through cotton fields and pecan groves to get to this tiny town where Billy the Kid once lived.

At the center of town is the Basilica of San Albino.

The town square is filled with shops that have a southwestern/new mexican/native american and mexican influence. I especially liked the shop that had the gorgeous rugs with the amazing prints. A few shops had walls and walls of crosses.

For lunch/dinner I recommend heading to La Posta de Mesilla Restaurant, Cantina & Chile Shop. It's more than just a restaurant. Inside there is a chile shop and jewelry shop. In their lobby there are exotic live birds and a couple of large fish aquariums. They've got great chips and salsa and thier margaritas are pretty tasty too.

This is a jem of a little town. I say visit it if you ever get the chance.