Monday, October 5, 2015


I couldn't narrow down my favorite five photos for the month. At the beginning of the month we decided to use the long weekend to go somewhere that we'd never been to before. Our mini road trip took us to the Point Reyes Lighthouse and nearby Drakes Beach. I took so many photos, below are just a few of the highlights.

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Our journey to the lighthouse led us down several windy roads with a surprising amount of cows. We stopped to take in the views and listened to the sea lions below. We were lucky to visit on a weekend when there was no fog and the views were clear.

We finally arrived at the lighthouse parking lot and it was no surprise that the small lot was full during this holiday weekend. No problem. We parked along the street and followed the path to the lighthouse which also had its own amazing vistas. Finally the lighthouse came into view and we took the 300+ narrow stairs down. It wasn't too bad going down, however going back up I really felt the burn!

After the lighthouse we drove to Drakes Beach. I loved how the beach was enclosed by a rock wall. Because of the good weather the beach was full of activity with families and all kinds of sand sculptures. We took the opportunity to sit and end our day here. It was a perfect little get away that I highly recommend to anyone in the area.

This is definitely a destination spot I plan on returning to!

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