Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fall Love

Looking back at fall on this first day of winter.

Fall is pretty great right?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12.12.12 Time Capsule

When I heard Xanthe was inviting folks who had taken her Time Capsule class to document their day on 12.12.12 I was immediately interested.

The top goal on my 40 before 40 list is to document a "day in the life". I have seen versions of this in the past so lovely and inspiring that I knew I wanted to spend a day shooting our "everyday" this year.

Unfortunately 12.12.12 was on a Wednesday (booo) which wasn't what I had envisioned as part of the master plan. Wednesday means school and work and not so much play (although there was evidence of a little play). It's a week day, where life is routine and dare I say not overly exciting. That said, this was opportunity staring me straight in the face, with a community who was going to be doing what I had already set out to do! So while I still plan on shooting the weekend version (picture relaxed waking, big breakfast, hair done, non-work clothes, play, balloons, color, fun and more fun, etc.) this is actually a very true capsule of where we are now. The real us now.

On 12.12.12 you'll find bits and pieces of us at school, at work, at grandma's house for dinner and at home reading before bed.

12.12.12 - a day in the life from Smallroots on Vimeo.

Thank you Xanthe for this push. Thanks also goes to my Mother-in-Law who pointed out after dinner that my son was wearing a numbered 12 shirt (hello clueless mom here. although I think my subconscious knew what it was doing). It was this discovery that led to the fabulous 12.12.12 dance-a-thon. Maybe the best highlight of the day.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Take a million photos and video on 12.12.12? Why not?! 12.12.12 happens only every 100 years. If there was a day to document this was the day.

I was inspired by Xanthe Berkeley to document this special day by creating a time capsule. A capsule which would contain photos and video of my day. The WHOLE day, from start to finish.
So I'll be working on the capsule over the next few days, weeks, years. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

The start

My celebratory night out started with the amazing view above. Imagine getting ready with a backdrop like that.
It definitely set the tone for the magical night that was waiting for me.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sweet City

Cross number 32 off of the 40 by 40 list: Spend a night in San Francisco.

I always knew I was going to leave the city. I had lived there for about 8 years and it was my home. However I knew I couldn't live it up forever and that one day I would move away to plant firm roots somewhere else. The time came and I left the fog horns, the hills, the no parking (boo) and the nightlife (food, cafes and bars for days!) to move to a small town in the East Bay.

I love my home now (we can talk about that love another time) however I still miss the city. I miss the unknown that it brought every day. I miss the sights and sounds. The energy. So for my birthday I knew a city getaway would be the perfect treat.

Next up, the twinkle of the city at night...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

40 by 40

Because I love a project. Because 40 is a big number. Because there are many firsts I still have yet to complete. Here is my 40 before 40. I have one year to check these off. No pressure. It's all fun and I'm looking forward to each and every one.

1. Shoot a day in the life
2. Bake a pie (from scratch)
3. Go camping
4. Live in a house with a garage and backyard
5. Photowalks (more. yes. please.)
6. Get to know Lightroom
7. Take a class 1/8 - 52 weeks of now you!
8. Invest in a new lens
9. Update my website
10. Get a facial
11. Do 40 consecutive push ups
12. Clean out my closet, no messing around!
13. Cook a turkey
14. Print out and frame my photos
15. Create garland/banner/bunting
16. Buy artwork and hang
17. Go to food truck meeting Done and yum!
18. Backyard (or patio in my case) party
19. Watch Casablanca (this will be a first)
20. Picnic fo reals
21. Go to the drive-in
22. Balloon photo shoot (it's going to be good)
23. Learn guitar or ukelele. 1/6 - Taking ukelele classes now!
24. Date night once a month
25. Family photo
26. Take 20 portraits
27. Grafitti (if it's tasteful is it still illegal?)
28. A day of spreading happiness
29. Visit the
30. Spend time in Tahoe
31. Interview my parents (nothing heavy BTW)
32. Spend a night in San FranciscoSee here, here and here
33. ConcertSaw Keane at the Warfield read more
34. Pay for the person behind me in line.
35. Bake and deliver to friends and neighbors.
36. Athletic event (Giants/A’s/Warriors/Raiders/etc) 4/19 Giants vs Padres
37. Make a loaf of bread from scratch.
38. Do 5 pinterest projects (why pin if you don't do?)
39. Color run
40. Sunrise photoshoot

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sending Love

Wrapped and ready to go. Sending love from across the miles to a very special person on her birthday today. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Life Exposed

Last month I had the honor of being featured on Tracey Clark's Life, Exposed at Cafe Mom's The Stir.

The site is updated weekly with images and words from some of the web's most creative and talented photographers that also, just happen to be parents.

I was asked to share photos of our family's everyday life. The images I selected were from our recent summer vacation. A vacation where lots of discoveries and memories were made. Take a look and visit my Life, Exposed.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The end of Summer

While fall has just started I'm still lingering over my favorite summer moments
(all from instagram). You can find me at username smallroots over there as well.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Poolside sights from Maui, Hawaii. ALOHA.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Me and Now You Workshop

I've been seeing so many inspiring self portraits that I feel the need to document my own journey here. I recently took a 6 week self-portrait course guided by Kristin Zecchinelli & Meredith Winn. Their NOW YOU workshop was incredible. They provided an online community where photos and stories could be comfortably shared. Boundaries were pushed and new ways of seeing ourselves emerged.
Me as an Object
It's not easy to take a self portrait. You're always going to pick at this or that. What I found that helped me get through this process was to use my self as an object, not so much as me the person, but as an item in a photo. This seemed to help.
Quiet and Alone
During this process I found that I really appreciated the quiet moments I took to complete my assignments. Finding a spot, finding the perfect light and the sound of "click" was a nice retreat.
Moments and Me, NOW, are important.
Lastly I learned how important it is to get the moments NOW. Now is now. I am me right now and this is me. If I wait too long to find the me that I think is THE me then I'm missing the me now (I realize that is a crazy sentence).

There is lots more to say about what I learned from this experience but I'll leave it at the above for now.

Thank you to Meredith, Kristin and ALL of the other ladies in the class who put themselves out there, who shared their stories and who shared their many different perspectives of what a self portrait can be.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

fourth snippets

Here's the view from here... (via iphone)

Happy Fourth of July.

Monday, April 30, 2012


spent eyeing pretty patterned dresses and taking a break among the flowers.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

letters, numbers, colors

a view of my weekend. (instagram style)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

happy yellow

It's the first day of spring and today I'm celebrating yellow.

Monday, January 2, 2012

my 365 project

At the beginning of 2011 I decided I wanted to take the 365, photo a day, challenge. I felt it was time. I thought it would help me to get to know my camera better (we're pretty chummy now). I was also curious to see what my life might look like over the course of a year.
So here's my view, while these may not be the most "amazing" photos these are the snippets of my life and therefore are pretty amazing to me.
It's over 7 minutes, so grab your favorite beverage and get cozy.

Or view my 365 project video on Vimeo.

I've been trying to put into words what I have learned from this project, but I'm not getting them right or I've written too too much. So maybe I'll leave it with an oh so well organized bulleted list of my thoughts:
  • I have learned to LOVE light. Oh how I love the light.
  • I have learned humility because there are some duds that I HAD to post.
  • I took some awesome photos, ones I love and want to frame.
  • I learned to use my camera (after a few of those duds you're kinda forced to learn)
  • I am leaving with confidence (I'm no longer intimidated by shooting indoors or dark situations)
  • My photography has improved (It's a daily practice, you've got to improve right?).
  • I spent LOTS of time on the computer (It was a constant need to play and play and play to get it "just" right - I need to work on that)
  • There were times that I wanted to pause - Not quit but pause, just for one day, just one little day. That didn't happen and I'm glad I plowed through it. I kept thinking "this is just one of those sucky days (weeks) that goes with life. That awesome photo is right around the bend, it's gotta be." And it was.
  • I finally gave into what it was. Don't fight the 365, don't try to control it or make it something that it is not. The photo is there. Right there, don't you see it? 
My marathon is now over. I'm tired of it. I'm so proud of it!! I might even do it again. But not without a pause. I need that pause to recharge and get back into shape. Until then...

(ps - much appreciation goes to my husband and son who put up with the camera, the fourth member of the family, who came with us everywhere. Thank you both, you are my everyday muses.)