Friday, February 5, 2016

FAVE 5 ON 5 - 2016 JANUARY

On the fifth day of each month a group of photographers shares their favorite photos from the previous month. It's a blog circle! At the end of this post will be a link to the next person. Read on and enjoy our favorites from January.

I don't know about you all but it took all of January for me to get over my holiday hangover this year. The Christmas decorations weren't put away for weeks. There were also several days of continual rain. Add to that the passing of David Bowie and the year was not off to a great start. (It was too soon for David Bowie don't you think?)

The promise of a bright new start to the new year was looking dim.

View the rain out my window...

However it wasn't all dim.
- The flowers started to bloom, breaking up our grey days.
- We had goats visit us outside our backyard! The owners of the hill behind our house hired the goats to trim all the brush. They did a great job and ate everything. Hiring goats is common here and also green.
- We went to a San Francisco 49ers football game. Our first visit to the new stadium and the last 49er game before the stadium hosts the upcoming Super Bowl.

January was a mix of feelings, sad and gloomy with spots of light. Looking forward to diving more into this new year, ready for February to begin.

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