Thursday, March 5, 2015


How is it already March?!.
February just flew by and here we are. Below are my favorites for the last month.

If you want to see what February held for Alison, Audrey, Jill, Staci and Vanessa click on Alison's link below to start the blog circle and see each of their favorite five photos.

February's Favorites:
  1. (above) Peeking down alleyways. 
  2. Red, Red. Red! I love this parking garage because of all of its colorful floors. Somehow we always find a sweet spot on the 3rd floor. (I also picked this same spot as a favorite back in Nov 2013.)  One day we'll venture up to the other floors and I'll document another color and number.  
  3. I love a checkered floor. If you then throw in a square of hot pink then there is all the more to love.
  4. Yellow. Yellow. Yellow! It's that time of year when the daffodils are in bloom. Luckily I live in a city where they grow wild. Everywhere. That said I will confess that this photo was taken at the local nursery. I know, I know I should have gotten them on the green grassy hill but I was at the garden center and the moment just happened! I love these pops of sunshine, they will always remind me that spring is just around the corner.
  5. Wouldn't you just want to sit here, with a good beer and watch the day go by? This last photo was taken at a San Francisco brewery which also serves BBQ. I loved this space.

The best part about the 5th day of each month is that you get to spend some time looking at the favorite photos from a very talented group of photographers. Trust me.

Come take the visual journey along with me and see what Alison's favorite picks were for the month of February.