Thursday, April 25, 2013

First game of the season

Number 36 of my 40 before 40 is complete. Athletic event has been checked.

I love driving into the city, over the bay bridge, to see this view.

Just 4 days after the Boston Marathon terror attack the flags were flown at half staff.

Wouldn't be a game without beer and hot dogs. (The hot dog was quickly consumed, no time for a photo)

What are all those "K"s and why are they backwards and forwards and orange? Here you go:
'K' is a Strike.
One theory is that the symbol "K" is used because it is made with 3 strokes of the pencil, symbolizing the 3 strikes for the strikeout. A backwards K means that the batter has struck out watching the third strike go by while a forward K means that the batter struck out swinging the bat, but missed. Every third K is orange.

A perfect night for baseball. The Giants won and we were treated to the opening of the season fireworks.
I can tell you, that after a hard week, that sharing a baseball game in a stadium with 40,000 other people, clapping together, doing the 7th inning stretch ritual together and watching the fireworks was pretty awesome, and a wee bit magical.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Chinatown, Color, and Me

Last weekend I had a meet up with lots of photography friends. We walked and talked and all the while took photos. It was a memorable day of laughing and smiling (and dim sum!).
We met in the city at the gates of Chinatown. Immediately when you step through the gates you are bombarded with color. Above and below color is everywhere. Since "color" is my one word of the year I was pretty excited to be traveling through these streets.
Self portraits are also a focus of mine. I'm taking a 52 week self portrait photography class so I am always on the lookout for something interesting to bring to a self portrait.
With SOOO much to take in along the streets of Chinatown I was happy to have these two key themes to focus on.

It was such an amazing day there is more story to tell. Stay tuned...