Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fav 5 on 5 - September 2013

Hello! It's  Fav 5 on 5 time once again.
Five of my favorite photos (that I took) from September are here. View other collections of fav 5 on 5 by clicking on Alison's link at the end of this post.  She'll show you her fav 5 and then take you on to the next collection.  Get comfy and enjoy the ride. 

The above "Hello" was taken while out on a "photowalk" with a friend. This was one of only a handful of photos I took that day. Sometimes photowalks are more about catching up than actual photo taking (you can quote me on that).  I love the layers of this photo. I love seeing things that I didn't see when I was there, just look at those two tiny love birds up at the top.

I am considering blowing this one up really, really big.   Don't you think those deep reds would pop on a neutral wall? (who prints BIG really well?) 

One weekend in September we decided to take a drive. We drove until we reached the city of Alameda. I love this little island.  We spent time on the beach and then went downtown for dinner and gelato. We haven't been here in years and now wonder what took us so long to return?! 

This image reminds me of home and that early morning stillness, when no one else is awake, when the new day light has just started peeking through the curtains. 

One of my 365 photos. It's the end of the day, after a long day of work, I'm tired and see this. There is something about the chaotic wires and the last bit of light that like.

That was a look at my September, find out what everyone else was up to by following the photo circle.
Up next is my friend Alison, view her favorite 5 on 5 at
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Join us again next month for another round of fav 5 on 5!