Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sweet City

Cross number 32 off of the 40 by 40 list: Spend a night in San Francisco.

I always knew I was going to leave the city. I had lived there for about 8 years and it was my home. However I knew I couldn't live it up forever and that one day I would move away to plant firm roots somewhere else. The time came and I left the fog horns, the hills, the no parking (boo) and the nightlife (food, cafes and bars for days!) to move to a small town in the East Bay.

I love my home now (we can talk about that love another time) however I still miss the city. I miss the unknown that it brought every day. I miss the sights and sounds. The energy. So for my birthday I knew a city getaway would be the perfect treat.

Next up, the twinkle of the city at night...

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