Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fav 5 on 5 - October 2013

Oh October. You've been so good to me.
Red. Yellow. Orange. Brown.

This month's installment of my favorite 5 on 5 includes many of my fall favorites (so far). There has been so much color this year, like I've never seen before. Much of it was found during a quick trip I took to Seattle where color was exploding above and below (you Seattleites don't know how good you have it!). Color and fog are such a good mix. I'd be interested to see if you agree below.

After a quick trip through my October fall keep on trucking to the next photographer's favorites for last month. The link to Alison's picks are at the bottom.

Tell me, do you heart Fall as much as I do?

Saying goodbye to October and on to November where I will be focusing in on gratitude.

Find out what everyone else was up to in October by following the photo circle.
Up next is Alison, view her favorite 5 on 5 at  Alison Bents Photography >


  1. Yes.. love all this happy fall color!

  2. Hello Adri!! My goodness today is a wonderful day. I began with Audrey, then on to Jill, who lead me to Staci, who lead me to Nessie who lead me to YOU. I was so surprised to see all the fall leaves, knowing you are a California girl and all but then I read you took a trip to Washington! How gorgeous!!! So nice to stop by to see you. Love your friend Tracie

  3. I love all of these 5 on 5's. Some beautiful shots from each of you. I'm loving the colours of your Autumn. Very different in Oz. :)

  4. We've also had a tremendously colored Fall in Philadelphia. I love your images! And your nail color in the last shot! awesome.