Friday, January 3, 2014

365 - 2013

How good it feels to finally put the number 365 on the last photo of the year!

So here it is, my 365 for 2013.
What a marathon.
Kudos to those of you who have been doing these for years and years in a row and are now on your 1095 straight photo of the day!

I completed my first 365 in 2011.   The difference between then and now is that I chose to do this round by using my iPhone. The challenge would be to take photos, as well as edit photos, only on my phone. The quality suffered a little bit but the moments, my moments, are all still there.

(psst. it's about 8:00 minutes long. two songs long really. just a kind heads up! enjoy.)

365 - 2013 from Smallroots on Vimeo.

Thank you 2013!
Onward to 2014 where I will be taking a break from the 365, but will certainly be doing some sort of photo project. Stay tuned...

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