Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fave 5 on 5 - 2014 February

Raise your hand if you felt that February just flew by.
As I was reminded that the Favorite 5 on 5 time was here again I had a moment of panic. Do I even have 5 favorites? Did I take any photos this month? How could this month already be over?!
Luckily I did take photos, however this month there were no big adventures and all of my photos were taken locally.  "Locally" as in taken either at home or at school, all within a 3 mile radius.

Below is a description of each of my photos, in order of appearance. Remember to keep the photo circle going by clicking on the next photographer's (Alison) link at the end of this post.

In order:
1. Fence light (above). I loved the light coming in from the fence and I love how this can only be seen at a certain time of day, for a limited amount of time and only with the right weather.
2. Happy plant. This is the plant that sits on my dining room table. It needs to be repotted. The stick is there to keep it upright until the repotting happens. The smiley face is there to encourage me to do this.
3. Rain. Finally it rained. This is to mark that moment. This viewpoint is coming from the dining table that the plant is sitting on in number 2 above. The fence behind the flower is the same fence seen in number 1 above.
These are the facts, just reporting the facts.
4. Play Ball. I was looking for the color "purple" and asked if he would let me take a picture with him and the ball. The answer was "yes" but only under this condition.
5. Pink. I was looking for pink (it's color week(s) don't you know) and found this set at the library.

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  1. The shadows and light on that fence shot is awesome!