Saturday, March 4, 2017


On the fifth day of each month a group of photographers shares their favorite photos from the previous month. It's a blog circle! At the end of this post there is a link to the next person. Read on and enjoy our favorites from February.

After a very rainy start to the new year it was nice to see blue skies.
And rainbows.
And fruits growing on trees.
And the sun shining.
And it's tulip season!

This image below seems so California to me.

I want to take this whole room home. Anthropology seriously wins in the game of in store displays.

First signs of spring!

Taking advantage of a break in the rain.

TULIPS are here! Love this time of year.

Breaking through the rain. If you look to the right you might be able to see that it was a double rainbow!

Spring is just around the corner, can you feel it?

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