Monday, September 4, 2017

FAVE 5 ON 5 - 2017 AUGUST

On the fifth day of each month a group of photographers shares their favorite photos from the previous month. 
It's a blog circle! At the end of this post there is a link to the next person. Read on and enjoy our favorites from August.

Ok. So this is kind of a cheat. These photos were actually taken a few days ago which technically makes them "September fave 5's". Also, I'll probably post more than 5. So it looks like I'm throwing out all of the rules this month. I just can't wait until next month to share, these photos need to be set free! So here we go!

People, it's a pop-up exhibit dedicated to COLOR!
I love color. My eyes are drawn to color and it's a reoccurring theme in my photography so I was really excited for my visit to the Color Factory.

What a fun experience this was. I was showered with rainbow confetti, I jumped into the largest yellow ball pit in America (I'm guessing) and I walked through thousands of rainbow ribbons. 
Each new door led to a new color adventure.  Here are just a few images from that day.


And at the end I was gifted with a mini ice cream!

These were just a few of the photos I took. I also took several small videos which I'm hoping to post on instagram soon.  

This was such a fun day. I would love to set up shop in one of the rooms and take photos of people all day. The people watching was almost as good as the exhibit!  There were so many thoughtful outfits all begging to be photographed.

If you would like to go to the Color Factory then I suggest getting on their mailing list to receive email notifications about their latest ticket releases. This is the second month they have been open and each time they have sold out. It's not impossible but it might take a few tries. Be flexible with your time and be ready to make a decision fast! Catch it while you can!

What to see more photography for the month of August? Then head on over to Alison's fabulous site to take a look at what has been catching her eye.


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  1. holy moly, lady! I love this post!!! all that color is amazing.