Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Hours - 2014 10:00AM

It's 10:00am at The Hours.
The 10:00am hour found us at the airport. We were on our way to jump on a plane to celebrate my grandfather's 100th birthday (yes that was 100!!).
As I was walking this caught my eye because of the color and the words. I thought if you put those two together with a person (like me) it could be something... I took a quick shot. You can see I'm trying to sneak a fast one since I'm not even looking directly into the camera.
When I took a look at this later what I liked about it were the colors (esp in the background), me + the words, and it's a reminder of the feeling that I had at that moment. Our vacation was just starting and we were about to get on a plane to join in on the celebration of a very big day.

Bunny, dogs and smiles were all found in the 10:00m hour.
Here is all the goodness that was spotted at 10:00am around the world.

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